A complete unknown

Once upon a time, there was a cartoonist who did not draw and decided to start drawing when he realized how short life is. Here is a summary of my journey.

  • Dibujo: Enrique 7 años


    At the dawn

    This is with pencils, permanent markers, brushes, paper and some off-guard wall that I met my first allies to express ideas which my rudimentary vocabulary still eluded. This means seemed natural. My birth in the Venezuelan Andes may somehow have helped.

    Drawin: Enrique, 7 years old

  • Proyecto experimental 7mutantes con Joche Cordova


    Domestication and run away

    Uniform, rules, hierarchy. Whilst having my first contacts with the safe road that leads young people to the contemporary world, music creation found their way to my secret garden.

    Musical project: 7mutantes

  • Proyecto: Grupo de Editores Alternativos



    I found out that it was not only me with my concerns. The first life-time friends appeared with new ideas, new readings, new sounds, new loves. Like-minded teenagers, we built spaces of liberty while publishing fanzines. Artwork, transgression, counterculture. “Who would be born must first destroy a world”. Hermann Hesse.

    Project: Alternative publishers group.

  • Dibujo: detalle de cómic para la materia ilustración


    Yeah, but one has to eat

    Hours in my first jobs were torn between my official1 education and the unofficial2 one. In the first one, I learnt that in this world, there is a lot of creative people who work hard to create fictitious needs to their fellow human beings. Hopefully I also met teachers who helped me grow up and one in particular enhanced my love for comics. In the second one I found out that there are less damaging ways to earn one’s living, but with a worst pay slip. In the middle of this dilemma, Internet was crawling and it was a great opportunity of work in an almost unexplored world.

    Detail: comic for the illustration class.

  • Dibujo: Enrique Luque 7 años


    All sails set

    In order to grow up, one has to travel. The hunger for knowledge and above all curiosity invited me to jump off the Atlantic pond, on track to Europe. Change of colours, of seasons, accents, relations. New challenges and also new homesickness. After an unexpected time as an undocumented immigrant which required some self-denial, I was able to work in depth in web design, with the delight of helping others reach their targets and spread their services. At the same time, I find out that I was not immortal.

    Collage: Submarine gears

  • Detalle código HTML


    Balance and code

    After the risk came some stability, shortly together with professional success. Still, a little bug inside kept telling me that, despite being well-stocked, despite the fact that machines and alphanumeric codes were not that bad, it did not come with drawing, music, art, some kind of legacy for the others. Other projects were pushing hard to find their spaces, because a part of myself was seriously endangered.

    Detail: HTML code

  • Detalle de EL NUDO, webcomic


    The challenge

    Times of deep changes, different cultures, different languages. The firm intention to move towards other professional niches before getting to a senile age and thus, drawing, drawing and more drawing. There are hard stuffs and one of them is that a cartoonist succeeds in living out of his comic activity, but dreams can’t wait forever and there is only one way to achieve them.
    "The biggest failure you can have in life is not trying at all." Emil Motycka.

    Detail: THE KNOT

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