You can make it happen

To be a comics author is something I have dreamt of for a very long time. It took time to pull together the courage necessary to do the triple jump that is meant with writing, drawing and auto-publishing (online).But the thrill of materializing the project went growing towards creative liberty and direct relation with the reader. I.e., you.

Both the comics and the website are made by me. They are updated weekly, each available in three languages. I also send updates by email (if you're subscribed). This artistic activity requires involvement with time and money, and priceless assistance by volunteers to assist me with translation (I'm grateful with that form of support, if you are interested).

In order to finance the project, I have launched a campaign in where I propose various incentives for you to participate. If you like the story and you want to keep it going, you can support in different ways:

Give 3€ or more

Your goodwill helps me keep going with this adventure online and for this, you will receive the exclusive wallpaper of THE KNOT (various formats available).


Give 5€ or more

You will get access to a private section where you will be able to follow the project "from behind the scene": doodles, sketches, ...

Give 10€ or more

You will receive an eBook (PDF) of each chapter as soon as each gets closed.

+ A book of sketches (PDF) when reaching the first target!

Give 25€ or more

On top of what is offered before, you will get a special mention on the webpage and during the time you participate, you will receive a post card of THE KNOT from me on... your birthday!

Give 50€ or more

This is a huge effort to support me to achieve my targets. Each time a chapter gets to an end (3 to 4 a year) you will receive a signed print of a limited series to be chosen within available pages.

Give 100€ or more

The world needs more people like you, any independant artist would agree with me. Apart from my eternal thanks, you will receive one page in advance. And you will have the right to a cameo in the story.